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July 28th, 2023.
website 4Quick! before the flippin' internet goes belly up again !
I think where we live is a bit of a cursed area for electrical/internet stuff! we've had 3 power cuts in 5 days and today the internet is patchy - that's kind as it's actually been.
Anyway Sam early, Amy and I this morning and then me a solo act this afternoon! Well, I did have Bert who oversees everything!
Nothing much extra today other than disinfecting out the isolation box, also turning the matting up so the under floor could dry out.
Everyone is how they are... some are miserable due to restriction, probably better than miserable due to laminitis! Some are miserable because of the fly plague, can't do much about that...
Well then's something good that occurred today, we had a surprise delivery from our dear friends at NAF.
OMG!!!! THANK YOU so much you guys... what a bundle, see the pictures. It was so out of the blue but it is SO appreciated indeed! Saving this charity lots of pennies on items we tend to use a lot of in daily life. Thank you NAF.
Do you all think Autumn is fast approaching? I noticed our fat little Shetlands are all starting to shed summer coats and bring back their winter woolies, the blackberries are ripening fast, the hawthorn berries are tinge-ing red and it looks like the Oaks are not mast-ing this year, thank G*d for that small mercy after last years mega-tonnage, this autumn it might be an easier job getting rid of the acorns.
There's a few pics of this afternoon, taken in the few moments I had between and after doing the work. At least it was dry and not overly hot at the yard so we got done steadily and in about 45 mins all done.

Conker - Feb'22

February 27th , 2022.
conker1What a glorious day it's been from start to finish.
So uplifting of spirits with Sunshine and blue skies and good temps. Rugs off everyone, yes! even Conker, today and they loved it. Muzzle back on for Eric and he hated it, but he won't be alone as of this week as Larry will be back in his too, our grass is really growing now. Also Gracie and her boys will be finding themselves back in restriction by the end of next week as what is coming is rich and careful about this as with rain coming in and sunshine we are in the most dangerous time from here on in.
Thanks to Marysia and Sam ( back in sanctuary today) and with me there too we got our work done and dusted.
I have been working out the next phase of post and rail fencing ahead and what we need to buy in, not too bad at all I just need to twist the arms of those who wield the hammers and nails and staples.
Lovely pictures from Sam this evening, she spent some time at Sanctuary this afternoon just meandering and groomed Conks as well, which he loved. She got some good shots of the back herd who are full of themselves.
She has also made a great video but that one can go up tomorrow evening, you'll it.

Janet George

21st December 2021

It is with deepest sadness that we announce the passing of our past Patron and long term staunch supporter and personal good friend, Janet George . We are all very very sad and sorry to have lost such a good friend to this charity.

Sleep easy Janet, sleep in peace. Elaine

October 22nd, 2021

Here we are then, another weekend ahead, a quieter one for us than of late.
This morning a big thank you to Chris and Amy (and Ann) for being there and to Chris for doing the stacking of the straw shift from it's temporary home in the isolation box to the long barn. We , Amy, Chris and I, did all bar the last 15 bales, moving them in relay fashion between us, the job also included clearing and shifting the remains of the last of the big round bales from last year. I was quite expecting evidence of rodents under the pallets the bales had been on but there was nothing , not even runs showing where they might have been travelling. All the loose straw from the long barn has gone into the big barn stables and into the middle meadow shelter, all banked up so we can use it steadily ahead. The long barn floor got a good rake up and clean and the pallets went back down for the new lot ingoing.
All the meadow tracks and fencelines got a little stretched today giving the grazers a little extra fresh to go at. Alas! it's been too wet again for topping, Bryan may have missed the window of opportunity? maybe not I did spot the forecast for next week telling of milder and sunshine....we may get it done yet.
Time for me to go shower, we have a Trustee meeting this evening and there are things to do ahead of it and plenty to discuss.
Just two pictures from this evening of Willow and his Ginger friends all happy together in their shelter ahead of tea time, I think they thought I had brought the buckets out by the expectant faces of Eric and Larry...not quite, another 5 mins yet bonus

October 16th, 2021

Another weekend, another auction, this time Builth Wells where prices were sky high which is no bad thing, if you are paying big money for animals you wouldn't want to neglect/abuse your asset would you but before we break open the Bollinger let's see how the values hold up after a hard winter forecast ahead. I want to firmly believe that this is beginning of change in the world of ponies and horses, for the better...
Here in sanctuary our very much lower value of motley residents have enjoyed a sunny day, warm temps and lots going on around them. I went to the feed store again this morning and another £70.98 left funds on NAF Gastri Aid and NAF Pink Powder. The cost has gone up rapidly on these products and the time is coming that we will have to chose to only give one of these two excellent supplements as we can't sustain this kind of funds out-going every 10 days or so ( plus feed costs on top) This is not decision that we want to make but these are difficult times with few options left.
This afternoon Sam and I returned to sanctuary early, Marysia not long after us, as we wanted to get some extra work done. After the incident of the rat and the muck heap I wanted to strim down weed growth ( nettles/docks/random other stuff) on there and also get the hedgeline trimmed right back and also level the heap as well so that we can access the top again and tip from behind, not in front, as it has spread alarmingly and mustn't go any further out into the field.

September 28th, 2021

September 28th, 2021
Firstly, I would just like to point you to our new Facebook header today. You may notice something that hasn't been there before.... if you still haven't guessed then ...... *drum roll please*
EMW Sanctuaries are super thrilled to announce that our charity and sanctuary is now a member of the NATIONAL EQUINE COUNCIL having passed accreditation during the summer months, giving you dear supporters, the confirmation that we are an approved establishment.
Throughout the last year we have worked hard and all our volunteers, all our Trustees, all our friends and supporters have enabled this charity to reach this goal which is so important and an assurance that you know we are working to the highest standard we possibly can do. We can proudly, now, display the NEWC logo alongside our own.
Today in sanctuary, on a murky, windy, dismal kind of day, Amy and I, and Ann, got our usual work done, Luya was very cross this morning, she was angry at being put in for the day – fatty jail! She had seen me stretchy the grazing fence line for Ted and Bean but could only imagine that tasty grazing, her food today just a ration of 2 year old hay. Her diet is most definitely reducing her lizard crest! It's not war victory by any means, just a small battle win as she only has to look at grass to gain a couple of kilos!

September 5th 2021.

Mother nature is really cranking up the heat today. 24C probably a bit more in full sun, which we were in, Sam and I, this afternoon ( more on that shortly)
This morning then, Sam and Marysia and I again... guess what?! we have Marysia in sanctuary for the next TWO weeks! now that is good news as it means I am no longer a one-man-band with the daily work. We got all the jobs done and finished nice and early.
Pete headed for the yard around 11am, his mission to do as much rubber mat kickboarding as possible with the fitting screws we had to hand, he has done a handsome job and the front of the barn is now protected, the inner will be done over the next couple of days once he has bought another 100 of the screws. Our most sincere and grateful thanks go to Samantha Brenchley-Shoults and the company she works with for these so very necessary items here, we are so grateful.
Around 11.30am I headed to the yard, charged strimmer to hand. I went and sacrificed another dollop of docks to the great god of horseflies! ( actually cutting down docks has reduced our influx of said beasties to almost zero (Y) ) Sam arrived just before midday and then she and I spend the next solid 3 hours labelling and packing the tack/rug sale items... on the 19th you will be thrilled at what we have up for grabs here!
I may have gotten a little sun cremated today ?? I know I was pleased to get finished and back home.

July 27th 2021

July 27th, 2021.
p1fboabll583g1kcp1jt0f6up8c4Another day over, another cracking dollop of thunder and minor flood event, another good sweep out of the middle meadow shelter - it sure has a clean floor this year!
The morning consisted of usual jobs and then into the office. Going through a set aside box I found a very old file and inside it were *shock and horror* deceased residents passports packed to post!!! Ooops! anyway all now rectified and on their merry - if over due - way to be 'accounted' I have no idea what I was thinking when I boxed them other than I may have scooped them up along with other files and then completely forgotten about them. Oh well they haven't been eating anything nor in the grand scale of life is it a mortal sin! That done I then did my most hated job, filing but it's all done and up to date... for now.
I thought, about 2pm, that I might go back to sanctuary for an extra hour and strim docks this point the skies duly opened and it poured down! usual time it was then...on our way up the drive we looked out across our lovely neighbours field and saw.....well the picture shows you exactly what..
Footnote, Chris, Amy and I only got a small damping doing the second shift, while it thundered and tiddled down overhead.

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