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March 2014 005

On February 21st 2014 a very small, very scared and bewildered little shetland pony colt came into this charity ownership. UPDATED on here June 2014 and also for Latest pics and news please click HERE

Unwanted and in auction we took the decision to bring this baby in to the sanctuary to give him a chance of a good long life ahead. Little Eric is just 11 months old ( March 2014) has clearly had a far from good time of things given his heavy worm burden, thin little body and  fear of humans in general. He was immediately looked over by our vets and  started on his vaccination course and he will be ready for gelding later in the month of March. Eric is now out of isolation and is living happily with our other little Shetland resident EMW Larry. Eric will need a lot of gentle care and reassurance before he is ready to face the world but already he is gaining confidnce and understanding we are not to be feared. Our most sincere thanks goes to our ve erinary practice of Belmont@Bromyard and also to Victoria Staden-Wright of  Harmony Healing for Animals for intensive Essential Oils Therapy which have worked very well for Eric and continue to do so for many of our residents and foster ponies. If you would like to give a small donation towards the care of Eric and  our other sanctuary residents please follow this LINK
March 2014 002

April 2014 - Eric has now been gelded and his paperwork and vaccinations are complete.
March 2014 012
June 2014 UPDATE Eric is delightful.He and Larry are very much now a bonded pair. Eric has prgressed very well, is now  a funny and energetic little chap who has shed all his baby fluff and the terrible mats and tags from his poor start. He is  admired by all his visitors and will become a sanctuary favourite for sure!  june 6th 2014 011Below is  a picture of Eric (left) watching while Larry has Essential Oil therapy from Victoria of Harmony Healing for Animals.. see belwo for website link. Eric was helped massively by Oils but is now carefree and in no need of support at this time. http://www.harmonyhealingforanimals.co.uk/

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