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Horses in the UK today

284826_1944058007120_1412595762_31762441_2989062_nEach day this charity receives calls from worried public who have seen terrible sights of horses and ponies being kept in appalling conditions.

Each day this charity receives calls from the public with regard to horses being run flat out in harness, we get calls about thin horses, fat horses, horses with terrible feet, horses being kept in filth, horses with no apparent clean water source yet standing in high summer temperatures. There are horses with foals at foot, massive horses that are roaming the streets of towns and cities, horses being attacked and horses being victims of road accidents and other atrocities so revolting that it beggars belief that humans can stoop so low and commit these crimes. Thank all the animal gods that there are  we no longer, in the UK, use horses as regular transport otherwise we could be forgiven for thinking we'd stepped right back in time to the later 1800's and early 20th century, the times of Black Beauty.
Equine welfare law in the UK is totally out of touch and does nothing for the animals who are being so badly let down.
We need to implement changes and those changes must come soon. This charity will continue to campaign to update the laws relating to equine welfare and  call for the strongest penalties possible for ALL animal abuse crimes. If we can stamp out animal abuse we will be more than half way there in stamping out abuse toward children too.
We want your backing and need your support  If you can donate just a little today please text EMWS14 and the amount in £'s 1 or 5 or 10  to 70070. We thank you for your support.


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