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Here is Fred, reg Section A Triad Flashback,
Fred is 18 years now and he is still in the sanctuary due to health issues,
In the past Fred has had severe sweet-itch but is now far
less afflicted as he grows older. More of a problem is his severe heart defect,
Fred has a grade 4 murmur which causes him to get out of breath very quickly when being ridden or when stressed.fred2july2006small
Fred was backed as a youngster was ridden out from the sanctuary when his halth allowed.
Although he has a butter wouldn't melt in his mouth look he can still be a little thug!
FRED is available for sponsorship which costs just £5 a month. You will receive a gift card with a recent photograph and regular updates on your sponsored pony. If your require this as a birthday or special occasion gift please let us know and we'll make sure it is perfect for the person who will receive it.  Contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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